Wood Finishes

Wood Finishes



Wood Finishes

wood finishes

PEA KENYA is committed to provide customers around the globe with state of the art wood finishes while heavily investing in the innovation pipeline.

Ultimately, PEA KENYA’s workforce is convinced that Wood coatings is art, one that requires dedication and passion.

PEA KENYA is part of RAR Holding a large group of companies that is listed in the Top100 companies globally. It has built a solid export network that reached the five continents and is considered as one of the five largest wood coatings manufacturers in the world.

Our Wood Finishes manufacturing capacity is in constant expansion while keeping a flawless consistency in quality. PEA KENYA has inaugurated on average one factory per year for the past 10 years and has been able to supply different markets with customized products under strict international standards such as the British Standard, the American Standard and AFNOR.


PEA KENYA offers a full range of products that is spread on thousands of stock keeping units and are segmented as follows:

Polyurethane Base Coats, Polyurethane finishes, Wood Preservatives both water and solvent based, Single Pack Varnishes, Polyester Coatings, Acrylic based products, Traditional Nitrocellulose, Non-Yellowing Varnishes, Fire Retardant PU, Stains for Wood, Pigmented Top Coats, Thinners, Additives, Waterborne Varnishes, Water Base Tinting System, UV Curing range and Special Effects Varnishes. , Fillers and preservatives for wood.

PEA KENYA guarantees to take excellent care of your Wood!