Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals

We are proud to present the new addition to PEA Kenya Ltd range of products by launching the family for the new range of construction chemicals materials. PEA Kenya Ltd became in a very short time one of the leading construction chemicals companies in the GCC.

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Products are manufactured and consulted as per ASTM and BS standards supported and controlled by its own R&D team of expertise, similarly as other PEA Kenya Ltd products ranges. This well established range includes floor coating, concrete admixture, concrete repairs, surface treatments, repair compounds, tile adhesives and grouts, bounding agents, joint sealants and liquid waterproofing agents.

PEA Kenya Ltd construction chemical materials are manufactured by highly qualified and experienced staff to develop and improve products and solutions which could contribute to the development of the construction industry.

This range of products has being created as addition to the other PEA Kenya Ltd products for the purpose of enlarging our range of products and increasing our services in the field.const chem