Razor Wires

Razor Mesh

Advantages of Razor Mesh

Razor mesh
Razor Mesh
  • Virtually Impossible to Climb
  • High Tensile Core Wire
  • Very Difficult to Cut
  • No need to install added razor wire
  • No Secondary use – Averting Theft
  • Easy to Install
  • Neat Appearance

Razor mesh was developed as a high-security mesh to protect commercial and industrial properties as well as government institutions.

Being virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools. Its diamond pattern combined with vertical, opposing security barbs acts as a means of entrapment while retaining a neat and physical appearance – unique in its class.

Produced exclusively from reinforced, patented Ripper Blade razor wire. Razor Mesh is installed through the world at airports, military bases, water reservoirs, warehouses, electrical substations, border posts, oil depots, factories and other significant sites of national importance.

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