Spray Paints

Spray Paints

For Interior / Exterior use

Spay Paint Distributed by PEA Kenya ltd

PEA Kenya aerosol grades are made of premium grade  acrylic based spray paint composition and can be used as a multipurpose system both as touch up or a standalone system

Some of the features include:

  • Quick drying characteristics and surface evaporation
  • Bright color range for high visibility
  • Crack and peel free finishes
  • Desired gloss levels (glossy/matt)
  • Superior coverage
  • Can be used with or without suitable primer.
  • Strongly recommended for railing, pipes, fences ,machinery and factory equipment with minimum surface preparation
  • It is also suitable for various masonry, concrete, cartons, and timber application as touch up

Colors in white, Black and Transparent are also available and with matt and Glossy finishes.

Different colors of Spray Paints from PEA Kenya