Universal Stains

Universal Stains

universal stain
Universal Stain distributed by PEA Kenya Ltd

This is a high range of Universal stains, for interior wooden substrate specially designed to highlight the natural aspect of timber. It has the property of high transparency, Uniformity and good light stability. The applications of these version varies from staining simple products such as moldings, turned objects, frames and skitting boards to cupboard doors, assembled furniture and Chairs.


…………………………………………………………………………………..12 squre Metres /Liter

2. Application Method

These stains can be applied by hand-held or on-line spray guns, with running spray guns, roller or by immersion.After spray application, the stain can can be wiped off also with the running brushes. Depending on the types of application, binding and thinning adictives are used. These addictive may be either water, acetone, nitrocellulose thinner wetting thinners or water-acetone mixture.

The amount of thinning depends on the color required, type of application, the type of material to be stained (Material shape and size), the choice of thinners depend on the conditions of work, the time available and need to limit the emission of  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) into the air.

3. Dilution

This product can be diluted  with NC thinner, water or acetone.

The dilusionm varies from up to 100%, and it is related to the concentration required of the color on the wood.

NOTE:This stain is not suitable to dilute with white spirit (Mineral Turmpentine)

4. Drying at 25 degree Celsius

Overspraying (according to the dilution) 10 to 15 minutes drying time for these stains depends on the type of application and no guidlines can be given.

5. Surface Preparation

We suggest a good sanding of the substrate with the sanding paper 100, before to apply the universal stain series. The surface must be clean, dry and free from paint and varnish, all previously painted surfaces must be cleaned by sanding or physical abrasion

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Universal stain