Texotile Paints

Texotile Paints

From PEA Kenya Ltd, you will find an extremely high durable product due to its carbonation shielding effect, designed for exterior walls, having a chemical composition providing a  closely-knit mass of tough molecular walls that are impermeable to moisture and aggressive gases.

Texotile paints distributed by PEA Kenya Ltd

It contains special grades of quartz and other pigments with good color retention and weather ability. It offers antibacterial and anti-fugal properties. It can be applied on old and new buildings, protecting them from carbonation; reducing maintenance cost and providing an outstanding and long lasting beauty. PEA Kenya Ltd distributes Texotiles of high resistance to UV light, excellent surface adhesion properties, good washability, excellent gloss and retention properties.


  • Fast drying
  • Good flow
  • High opacity and contrast
  • Washability
  • Good retention
  • Antibacterial property
Texotile Paints Distributed by PEA Kenya

Gloss Levels

Our products are available at a different gloss levels as per customer choice.

Application Method:

It can be applied with equal ease by means of roller and spray. So, you need to prepare the surface well by adequately removing the lose particles/ laitance and oil. You should mix the content well until its uniform then you prepare the surface with adequate primer as recommended before the texotile coat